I graduated from the University of Birmingham Medical School in 2004 and following my foundation years moved to New Zealand before returning to undertake my GP training in Manchester, which I completed in 2010. I now work as a full-time NHS GP as well as being a partner in Youthful Solution and a doting father.

As my own business, I take great personal pride in helping you, the client, to feel at ease and to achieve your goals. I believe that everyone is unique both in their starting appearance and what they wish to achieve, and feel that the art of aesthetics lies in tailoring the treatment to the individual.

We always aim to deliver a high quality service with exemplary ethics. We recognise that people might be uncertain as to whether they wish to proceed with a treatment plan, and offer a no-obligation consultation free of charge. We will never pressure or coerce you, nor undertake any procedure unless you are 100% certain you wish you proceed.

Kate Higgins, Clinic Manager

My background was in recruitment but I became very interested in aesthetics after having botox and dermal fillers myself back in 2009. I loved the results and decided that I wanted to help people feel more confident about their looks too, so I set up my first aesthetics business in 2009 and I have loved working in aesthetics ever since.


I love having procedures done myself and I really enjoy the feeling we get when we have such a positive impact on our clients lives. I know what it feels like to be a client - it can be very daunting when you enter a clinic to have a procedure done, so I have taken all of my previous experiences to ensure that our clients are happy, well informed and are well looked after. We want you to feel relaxed, valued and to feel safe in the knowledge that you are receiving high-quality facial treatments.  It is a very exciting time to be working in aesthetics because of all new treatments and medical advances and I love using my knowledge and experience to enhance the experience of our clients.  

Doctor James
kate higgins