Advanced toxin treatments

Doctor James is also trained in advanced treatments to the lower face. These procedures are undertaken using BOTOX®, Azzalure® & Bocouture®. With these techniques various issues can be effectively managed, including flipping the top lip outwards to give a fuller looking lip without need for fillers, reducing the show of a "gummy smile", reducing "smokers lines" around the lips, treating a downturned mouth, bunny lines - the angled lines on the side of the upper nose, nasal tip - to stop the nose dipping, nasal flare, and reducing puckering of the chin.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

The platysma muscle which spans the front of the neck from the jawline down to the collar bones can apply more "pull" on the lower face as we age. This can create a heavy or "joweled" appearance of the jawline, and prominent bands of platysma can create a "turkey neck" appearance also. Treatment with Botox® or Bocouture® into this muscle can be used to reduce this pull and simultaneously rejuvenate both the neck & lower face.

Masseter reduction

The masseter muscle is the main muscle of the jaw that contracts when we clench our teeth. Some people, in particular those who clench their teeth a lot or grind their teeth can develop very strong masseters which can then make the lower face quite square. Teeth clenching & grinding can also be associated with headaches. Toxin treatment into the masseter can reduce the use of this muscle causing a reduction in clenching and visible slimming of the face within around 4-6 weeks. This slimming effect is often maintained for many months after the treatment.

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How do these injections work?

Whereas in the upper face, toxin treatments are aimed at reducing muscle contraction that causes fine lines to develop, in the lower face it is used more to combat excessive muscle pull where that movement contributes to an ageing looking face, or to reduce muscle bulk where excess muscle strength has developed over time. As we age, our faces lose subdermal fat and our skin loses it's usual elasticity. This, combined with gravity makes our faces much more vulnerable to being changed by muscles pulling the facial structures downwards. By reducing the pull from these muscles we can help the facial features to remain more youthful.

What can I expect?

Patients may see improvements within 2-3 days of injection and results last a variable amount of time depending on the area treated. For example, toxin treatment to smokers lines will usually last around 6-8 weeks, whereas treatment to reduce a gummy smile will last closer to 6 months. For specific advice around what procedures you might benefit from, or what to expect after treatment, please contact us to book a free no-obligation consultation.

Possible side effects

Some people experience minor bruising at the injection sites. Depending on the site treated there are specific side effects - for example slight difficulty pursing the lips to drink from a straw after a lip flip, or slight droop of the lip after treatment for a gummy smile. All risks will be discussed prior to treatment, and all our consultations are no-obligation, so if you do not wish to have the treatment you do not need to, and will not be charged.